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The Phonotronics Bank Network is the most complete digital payment network available to businesses. With a bank network that covers over 90% of the US banking market and 98% of all commercial accounts, we offer automated settlement to deliver your funds quickly and securely.

Send or Receive Payments Online

We offer a variety of products that are tailored to different types of businesses. See which one is a fit for you..

Process Through ECheck Gateway

Instantly verifies bank account ownership & balance confirmation. Reduces fraud and bank NSF fees..

Check Processing Through Gateway

Avail check deposit facility through Gateway Three Times a Week. Makes faster Payouts For Your Checks.

24/7 Support Phone Support

You need support Service 24/7 so that you do not miss any sale while Gateway Support is not available.

Accept Credit Cards Over Phone

Accept Credit Card and ACH Payments Online, In person, and on your Mobile Device. Credit Card and ACH Processing for eCommerce, Retail and Mobile.

eCheck Verification Process

We offer the most advanced bank account verification available including Bank Authentication, Funds Confirmation and Basic Verification.

Bank Authentication Process

Instant bank account balance confirmation. Customers enters their online bank login info and select their account. It is Real Time Verification Process

Funds Confirmation Process

You or your customer enters bank account routing / account numbers and we ping the account for a balance confirmation response. Enter by 12pm.

Our Services

eCheck Processing

Verified Transactions

ACH Payments

Success Ratio 90%

Quick Books Invoice

Bill Payments

Credit/Debit Card

Online & Phone Payments

Have Some Question

Do you provide Payment Gateway for high risk busines ?

Yes, We provide payment gateway to Tech Support, HR Agencies, Medical, Travel, Software developers, website design & development companies. If you do not find your business in the list, you can contact us through CONTACT US form and we will revert ASAP.

Do you provide card & echeck gateway both ?

We provide echeck gateway to new associates. But we also provide Credit card/debit card gateway to the associates who are working with us for more than 3 years. Credit card has very high ratio of charge backs and there are huge number of fraud transaction so we avoid CC gateway.

What should I do to get echeck gateway from your company?

First and very important aspect is that all your transactions must be genuine. You contact us for enrollment and submit your Aadhaar Card. We will enroll you as merchant and you may start using our gateway from same day.

Do I need to pay enrollment fee ?

Yes, There is one time enrollment fee of $500 but this fees is generally charged from your first week payout.

What is the procedure to start ?

We will share E-check gateway link with you and you will ask your customers to fill check details on the link and submit. After submission, it will be processed by e-check gateway. Checks are processed on Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 12 PM IST Cut off time. Any check deposited before or after cut off time will be processed accordingly.

You Customer bank account ownership & balance will be verified by the gateway. Gateway team will print all submitted checks on check paper and will physically deposit into our company bank account at Chase Bank, USA

Ask your customer to fill the check in favor of our company and share scan with us. Also you should ask your customer to send physical checks to our office through USPS for our records. Once customer sends physical check to our office, charge back chances reduces. Please find below the office address to send the physical checks :


We will create Adobe Sign account for you & you will have to get agreements signed by all the customers. Any sale which is not supported by DocuSign Agreement will not be accepted for processing & will be rejected by us. It is legal requirement in USA to have legal sale agreement to avoid fraud complaints.

What is the payout cycle ?

Generally it takes 4-5 days to get checks cleared. Suppose you made sale on Friday / Saturday / Sunday, your checks will be processed on Monday and will be cleared by Friday (US). So we will transfer on Friday from US & it will hit your bank account in your country on next working day.

There are cases where your sales volumes are high, in that case, we can pay even 2-3 times in a week. But remember, every transfer has $40 International transfer bank charges, which will be deducted from your payment. So generally people take weekly payments to avoid bank charges multiple times. In case your sales volume is too low and you may wait then you may take monthly payment also. Once checks are cleared, it is your decision, when you want transfer. We do not delay any payment after clearance of checks.Generally it takes 4-5 days to get checks cleared. Suppose you made sale on Friday / Saturday / Sunday, your checks will be processed on Monday and will be cleared by Friday (US). So we will transfer on Friday from US & it will hit your bank account in your country on next working day.

How do you pay us ?

All the payments are transferred from our US bank to your bank directly. You should have preferably Current Account to receive payments. But in case you do not have current account, we can transfer to your personal account also but that might come under scrutiny of Income Tax Department, so it is always advised to have your company account to receive funds without any hassle.

Is there any minimum / maximum amount limit of charging ?

Yes, Minimum is $100 and Max is $10000. You may charge any amount between $100 to $10000.

Always remember there should not be overcharging from the customer. In such cases, customers may file complaint against our company. In that case, we will refund disputed amount from your payable amount.

What if Check is returned unpaid ?

There is a penalty of $25 from Check Gateway and also they will not refund 4% processing fee & $12 from bank, so total $37 and 4% of check value will be debited from your account.

In that case, we will refund our commission to you. We take commission on successful transactions only. Even if you want to refund to your customer, we will not take commission from you.

What is your Commission ?

Our commission is based on your monthly sale. Slabs starts from $30000~$50000/month. More you sale, less you pay. Next Slab Starts from $50001 to $100000 and so on.

Can we meet personally before we start ?

Yes, we also prefer to meet personally so that we make sure that you do only genuine transactions. You can meet us at our office at Sohna Road, Gurgaon with prior appointment.

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High Risk Payment Gateway

We understand your business falls under high risk category & you are not eligible for many banks reputed gateway. Our Services help you collect payments from your overseas clients.

B2B payments re-imagined for the digital era

Faster Time-to Cash

peed up time-to-cash and reduce DSO by over 50% when using our Bank Network to send and receive money.

Blockchain Assured

Access a fully auditable, permanent record of any payment transaction with 100% certainty it has not been altered.

Save Money

Deliver a superior customer experience while driving down costs by offering our zero-fee digital payment option.

Funds Verification

Connect instantly with over 98% of all banks to authenticate identity, verify good funds, and track payment settlement.

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