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About Tech Support Industry

Basically, it’s a service that provides remote tech support for a bunch of users. We don’t want to talk a lot of this introduction, because we believe you are about to start a tech support business soon. Out of the various risks you should consider while setting up a PC tech support business, getting a merchant account is perhaps the most noticeable one. Because the industry is seen as high-risk, it’s not easy to get a payment gateway or merchant account if you have such a business. But, don’t worry; we have some effective solutions to overcome this situation. In this article, we have created a complete guide for getting an effective payment gateway for tech support. This guide will help you for sure if you want to grab a high-risk merchant account. And, as the perfect example here, we are considering Tech Support Merchant Account. Before we begin, we should have a quick look on the remote tech support industry of today.


Tech Support Industry Today

Despite the toughness of getting a payment gateway for technical support, the tech support industry is growing like never before. It’s one of the most profitable businesses run today, due to obvious reasons. For instance, there is an ever-growing popularity of electronic devices, whose users include non-experts too. Therefore, in different aspects, they need support from an expert. We should also mention the fact that computing and its knowledge have become a necessity in most industries. If we talk in terms of numbers, the tech support industry is growing at an incredible rate of $500 per year. It is something remarkable, especially when compared to the other industries. Another important feature here is the compatibility with low-level infrastructure. Even some comparatively small companies are making right contributions to the total growth of tech support industry. Needless to say, this is a great news for most of entrepreneurs and small business owners out there. To cut the story short, tech support industry can be quite profitable if you can provide the best quality, offer customer satisfaction and keep up the reputation. And, the only problem here is the difficulties for getting a payment gateway for tech support. And, we are going to find effective solutions for that difficulty here, in this Guide.

Who we are:

Phonotronics International LLC,

Our Office: 16192, Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware, USA 19958.

We are a US based Company serving Tech Support Companies in India by providing them a ready to use web platform & help them to start their business. Many small companies cannot afford having company setup in USA and of course it is not viable for them due to high charges & fees. Therefore we provide them a reliable & ready to use website & payment gateway on variable / fix commission. Our commission (%) depends upon your monthly sales. So more you sale, less you pay. You can have a little idea about our services as per below details, rest we can discuss over phone:

  • We provide ready to use website & payment gateway for card & cheque both.
  • Our charges depends upon your monthly sales.
  • Hold back payment for one week. If you start on 1st of the month, then your 1st payout will be on 16th of the month or any Monday nearby. Transfer charges imposed by Bank in America will be charged on you which is currently $45 per transaction/transfer. You get your payment directly into your bank account in India within 24 hours.
  • One week average sales will always remain on hold to cover-up charge back on your sales transactions.
  • We inform you same day on all charge back cases, so that you can immediately contact your customer & try to convince him or better refund him if he is not will to continue.
  • You will sign a contract with our Indian counterpart and will make sure that you continue providing services to all your customers.
  • This Contract will be issued under and subject to Delhi Jurisdiction & law. The Delhi Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with the contract.