High Risk Business

Tech Support business is very high risk business. There was a time when people used to trust tech support companies but like many other businesses, here also many new comers entered into business and they did very well in initial months but as they started getting charge-backs from their clients, they changed their customer support numbers and started avoiding customers. It is very unfortunate that some of the tech support companies windup after few months of their business which led to more and more charge-backs on payment gateway providers. People do not understand if you have long terms plans and plan to have an established business in the field of tech-support. It is necessary to have patience and dedication towards your business. If people have patience and wish to really serve their clients whom they charge hefty amount for the services, they can retain their clients for years and run their business smoothly.

If you are a new comer in Tech-support-business and want to really succeed, there are few tips for you to follow:

  • Sale one time or max one month subscriptions & charge a very nominal amount for the service.
  • Never charge your customer on card gateway rather always take payment by check. Use check gateway and ask customer to send physical check to your address in US.
  • Call your customer after 2/3 days of service & take feedback about your services.
  • Take confirmation that he/she has couriered the check to your US office.
  • Deposit check after 3/4 days of service, it makes sure that customer will not go for stop payment.
  • Before depositing check into your bank, get legal agreements signed, about the services you provided to the client. It will reduce chances of any kind of dispute.
  • Generally check payments have fewer charge-backs as compared to card gateways.

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