Payment gateway providers for tech support in India

tech support payment gateway providers india
tech support payment gateway providers india

Tech support payment gateway providers allow you to charge your customers in USA and other countries. Now days there are many businesses provide good return on your investment. While sitting in India you do overseas business, the most critical part is payment collection from your customers, Phonotronics provides you easy and fast setup of your account and collect payments through debit / credit card or through virtual checks. Checks are the most reliable and convenient method of payment collection. Generally customers file charge backs after few days or some times even after few months and you have to incur losses even if you have provided tech support services to your customers. If you are looking for a reliable source of payment gateway for your tech support business, we can provide you easy & fast setup, you can charge your customers within 48 hours of initial setup.

Terms & Conditions
Even if you are new to business & have no past history, we can provide you payment gateway for tech support business. You need to follow simple steps & submit your documents & initial setup fee to start with:

  • Submit your company registration documents, your PAN card copy, adhaar card copy & a cancelled cheque.
  • We will send you an agreement of Terms & Conditions, agreed with you. You need to sign & stamp the agreement & return the original agreement to us.
  • We will setup your check and card payment gateway, you can start charging your customers within 24 hours of agreement signing.
  • You need to pay USD $500 as initial fee for setting up your account with us. This is required for gateway fee, and Digital documents signature panel. You need to get digital documents signed by all your customers & for each & every transaction, you process. It helps us to fight in case your customers file charge backs. There are many reasons when we can fight charge backs, like some times customers say, “fake transaction, i do not recognize this charge on my card, i did not receive any product/service and so on.”
  • Once you start charging your customers, we keep a close track of all your transactions and maintain ledger of all your transactions. Your first payout starts after 21 days in case of card transactions & 15 days in case of check transactions. After that you get your payments weekly. So to better understand your payment cycle, if your first transaction is on 1st January, you get first payout on 21st January or 15th January, as the case may be. Every transaction is considered for transfer only after 15 days of it’s materialization.
  • There is a rolling reserve equivalent to your sale for one week, which remains locked for the entire duration of your business to cover charge backs on your account. In case your charge backs are low, your rolling reserve remains for one week, but in case charge backs are high, the rolling reserve may go up to 15 days also to cover the risk of charge backs. Here you need to understand that the moment a customer files charge back, our bank account is immediately charged for the amount and that amount is put in lien by the bank. We submit all supporting documents to fight against the charge back and bank takes 21~28 days to take a decision. Generally, bank considers customers request as genuine but if we provide all documents in the support of your claim, back refuses customer claim and refunds money to us and eventually to you.
  • We charge 22% as our commission on your net sale. Suppose you make a sale of US $50,000 and there are charge back of US $5,000 then we will charge commission on US $45,000 only.
  • Generally we allow you a maximum transaction size on card of US $250 but it may be increased depending upon the charge back ratio. However check payments have no limit. You can even charge US $2000 in a single transaction to any of your customer. If ticket size is large, we always recommend you to ask your customer to transfer money through internet banking. In that case, your customer can not file charge back and your payment is more secure. Online transfer payments are eligible for immediate transfer to you.

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