Pharmacy Business

Payment gateway pharmacy business

It can be probably very frustrating for the person who is dealing with the pharmacy business to find a reasonably priced, secure and reliable solution for credit card processing. The truth of the matter is that many processors of the payments are not very much or truly excited to take the pharmacy sector on board because there are many reasons involved and some of them are regulations and legal restrictions. Apart from this, there is yet another factor and this is high processing rate for the services of the pharmacy merchant accounts. But if one knocks the service of payment processing from phonotronics, one will get the solution from an acquiring bank that is reliable and that too at the affordable price range.

Pharmacy Business Payment Gateway

Phonotronics high risk payment gateway provides security as well as tools one need for reliable, fast and safe transmission of any information related to transaction between the payment networks of master and visa card and your website. We do provide automatic payouts that go directly into designated bank accounts and we have strong tools for fraud prevention. Apart from this, we provide acquiring bank that is highly dependable that represents your interests in the area of charge-backs and transaction disputes. Unicorn is providing pharmacy merchant accounts since past many years and this has given us enough time to craft a straightforward and simple application process that provides approvals faster. But one will have to submit important documents like business license or supplier’s agreement apart from many others.